Safety First , The Best Quality Product


About Us

a specialized manufacturer in industrial webbings, web slings and cargo lashing systems.


We aim to make the world’s most safe quality products, and to expand our business to the global market.


With long and specialized experience, we’ve earned a high reputation in industry, and we are now one of the leading manufacturer in Korea.
Our top priority is the safety with our quality assured products.

Assurance aspects

  • Expert quality control
  • Customized design, logo &size available
  • Highly visible color in reflective material
  • Extra durability if request


YOUNGSEO INDUSTRY has opened a second manufacturing facility with new in innovative technology and latest automatic equipments and
machinery. The full manufacturing is under the expert control of highly experienced YOUNGSEO’s top engineers.
YOUNGSEO INDUSTRY operations are done at the quality standard of ISO9001.

  • Weaving
  • Coloring
  • Sewing
  • Testing
  • Printing

Our ODM system will add optimal value to your business.